Choosing an Agency

Our team has the necessary experience in the infertility field to make your dreams of becoming a parent a reality. We understand the complex details and moving parts of a gestational carrier arrangement. If you choose to work with Pearl Surrogacy, we will provide unparalleled support while guiding you through the matching, legal and medical processes on your path to parenthood.

So how do you pick the right agency for you?

Building your family via surrogacy is a significant emotional and financial commitment. Choosing an agency to be your partner on this journey is a big decision. At Pearl Surrogacy, we take this responsibility very seriously.

At larger agencies, your initial contact may not be with your coordinator. At Pearl Surrogacy, you will always talk to your coordinator- from the first contact through delivery. We guarantee your coordinator will have extensive infertility industry expertise, close affiliations with the top reproductive endocrinology practices in the country and personal relationships with attorneys who specialize in reproductive technologies, both nationally and internationally. While many agencies can make these claims about their agency as a whole, not all agencies can make these promises about your specific coordinator.  We can.

Below are some common considerations in selecting an agency, but most importantly, you need to feel comfortable with the agency and your individual coordinator who will be guiding you through all aspects of this complex process.

What is your gestational carrier screening process?

At Peal Surrogacy, our gestational carriers undergo a rigorous screening process before they are offered as a potential match. First, they complete an initial questionnaire. If they appear to be a good candidate, they complete an extensive questionnaire. Then, we conduct an extensive interview to review the questionnaire and to ensure we have a clear understanding of her vision for the surrogacy experience. Getting to know our gestational carriers through the eligibility review process allows us to propose the best possible matches. Collecting her relevant medical records helps avoid foreseeable issues and allows for an efficient post-match process with your clinic. Finally, our gestational carriers and their partners (if they have one) undergo thorough background screenings and insurance review, so we can tell you up front whether her policy would cover a surrogate pregnancy or if a policy needs to be purchased. We are more than happy to coordinate a home study if you so choose.

What is you mutual matching process?

Pearl Surrogacy sees the relationship between you and your gestational carrier as the key to a successful surrogacy journey. We communicate extensively with our intended parents and our gestational carriers, focusing on goals and expectations throughout the process. We propose matches only when we believe there is a good fit between you and a potential gestational carrier.

The agency fee

Your agency should be upfront about their fee and what is included in that fee. Pearl Surrogacy’s agency fee is $24,000. Included in that fee is: recruitment of your gestational carrier, background checks for all parties, insurance review for the gestational carrier, initial medical record review, escrow agent fee for management of the escrow account and round-the-clock support and coordination for you and your gestational carrier throughout the process. We understand that surrogacy arrangements are costly and while budgetary concerns exist, we encourage you to inquire about exactly what services are covered in an agency’s fee and to consider the quality of the gestational carriers available.

How are gestational carriers compensated and reimbursed?

At Pearl Surrogacy, we contract with an escrow agent to manage all payments (both compensation and reimbursement of expenses) to be paid to your gestational carrier. We want our relationship with you and with your gestational carrier to be exclusively focused on providing the support and assistance needed on your surrogacy journey. The escrow agent’s fees are included in Pearl Surrogacy’s agency fee.

What kind of communication and support do you provide?

Pearl Surrogacy gestational carriers and intended parents can reach us ANYTIME. We understand and appreciate the unpredictable nature of infertility treatment and pregnancy. We are here for you and your gestational carrier whenever you need us. We also understand that sometimes additional support is needed and we will facilitate getting our intended parents and gestational carrier that support. We do not require anyone to attend regular counseling or support group sessions. At Pearl Surrogacy there is no “standard” gestational carrier or intended parent. We customize our approach to fit your needs and the needs of your gestational carrier throughout the process.

What insurance will my gestational carrier use?

Pearl Surrogacy obtains an insurance review on all potential gestational carriers so we will be able to tell you when we provide you with a profile whether her existing policy will cover a surrogate pregnancy. If her policy will cover the surrogate pregnancy, we will ensure that all pre-authorizations and/or pre-determinations are in place. If her policy will not cover the surrogate pregnancy, we will coordinate obtaining maternity coverage policy for options for your consideration.

Industry expertise

Your Pearl Surrogacy coordinator is guaranteed to have extensive, direct experience in the infertility industry. We understand that the surrogacy experience is not always predictable, but we have the expertise to address any issues that arise and the compassion to provide ongoing support to you and your gestational carrier. Additionally, Pearl Surrogacy has established relationships with many of the top infertility specialists in the country as well as with attorneys that practice in this area of law, both in the US and internationally.

Legal issues

Surrogacy is regulated on a state-by-state basis. The director of Pearl Surrogacy, Stephanie Sgambati, is a licensed, practicing attorney. Pearl Surrogacy is fully prepared to talk about your personal circumstances and find a gestational carrier in a state where you are comfortable with the legal process associated with becoming a parent via surrogacy. No matter what your circumstances – married, unmarried, heterosexual, gay or single – we will guide you through the process. If you are an international intended parent, we can make referrals to local attorneys to advise you on the parentage and immigration issues associated with bringing your baby home. We take the legal considerations associated with a surrogacy arrangement very seriously and we only work with gestational carriers in states where we are confident that you will be named as your child’s legal parents in a timely and efficient manner.

Is your agency insured?

Yes, Pearl Surrogacy has a comprehensive professional liability insurance policy that is customized to the unique nature of the work that we do.

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