Application and Evaluation Process


Our application process is very thorough for two primary reasons. Starting with our eligibility review of your medical records and history, we will screen for prior pregnancy or delivery complications. Second, we want to learn about you—specifically how you envision your surrogacy experience and what your expectations are regarding the pregnancy and delivery. This information is critical to our mutual matching process, and it helps Pearl Surrogacy to match you with intended parents who share your expectations.

Getting started.

First, we’ll ask you to complete the initial inquiry form, which provides us with contact information and a basic eligibility review. We will contact you about the next step within 24 hours of receiving your initial inquiry.

Next, you’ll complete a more detailed questionnaire. We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving this detailed questionnaire. At this point, it’s also a good idea to request your medical records from your ob/gyn. We will need these records for the next step.

Initial eligibility review.

After we review your detailed questionnaire, we will ask you to provide us with your ob/gyn records and any other relevant medical records. In assessing your eligibility to be a surrogate, we will review these records carefully. We will also ask you for a copy of your health insurance card at this time, so we can conduct a review of your policy to determine whether it would cover a surrogate pregnancy. Please note, this does NOT affect your eligibility to be a surrogate.

The last step before you are ready for matching is a criminal background check and infectious disease screening on you and your partner (if you have one). We will ask you for a copy of your driver’s license for the criminal background check. The infectious disease screening is done by blood work.

Matching and final eligibility review.

Now you are ready to find your mutual match! Every fertility clinic has a slightly different process for final screening. However, in general, once you are matched, you, your partner (if you have one) and the intended parents will go to the intended parents’ fertility clinic for a final appointment. The doctor will check your uterine cavity to make sure everything looks normal and ready for a pregnancy. You will also complete your psychological screenings. Once these final screenings are completed, Pearl Surrogacy will help you locate a local monitoring clinic and coordinate to set up an embryo transfer cycle.

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