What is the process?

How do I find my gestational carrier and start the process?

Whether you have already done significant research and are ready to start your surrogacy journey or you are just getting started and the process still feels a bit daunting, we are here to answer your questions, provide support and to ensure that your journey to parenthood is as smooth as possible.

The Surrogacy Process

Getting Started

The first step is to schedule a free consultation with Stephanie Sgambati, the director of Pearl Surrogacy. You can reach Stephanie at 201-390-7400 or via email at stephanies@pearlsurrogacy.com. You can also contact us here. We are happy to complete your consultation by phone, videochat or in person – whatever is easiest and most comfortable for you. During your consultation, we will review the surrogacy process, discuss your plans and expectations, and review the next steps. We will also answer whatever questions you have. This initial consultation usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

Once you decide to work with Pearl Surrogacy, the next step is to complete the Intended Parent Questionnaire.  We will begin looking for your gestational carrier right away!


At Pearl Surrogacy, we place enormous emphasis on the “fit” between you and your gestational carrier. We understand how significant this relationship is for you both and only propose matches that we believe will result in a fulfilling surrogacy experience.

All of our gestational carriers are extensively pre-screened before they are offered as a potential match. When you receive a profile, the potential gestational carrier has already completed an extensive questionnaire, participated in a comprehensive telephone interview, provided relevant medical records for initial review, provided her insurance information to check for benefits and has had a criminal background check completed.

Below is an overview of the matching process:

  • Pearl Surrogacy provides you with the profile of a pre-screened, potential gestational carrier.
  • You review the potential gestational carrier’s profile and the potential gestational carrier reviews your intended parent profile.
  • If everyone agrees it is a good match, we will facilitate a meeting usually via phone or videochat.
  • We will coordinate with your clinic to provide records and necessary information about the match. We will also coordinate scheduling your gestational carrier’s visit to your clinic to meet with your doctor and complete final medical and psychological screenings.

Once the final medical and psychological screenings are complete, you are ready to work with a lawyer to prepare the surrogacy contract, which will finalize the terms of the arrangement.

  • Your lawyer will prepare the first draft of the contract.
  • We will help your gestational carrier locate a local lawyer who can assist her with contract review and negotiation.
  • Included in your agency fee is the retainer of an independent escrow agent. Pearl Surrogacy will engage that escrow agent who will coordinate with you regarding funding of the surrogacy escrow account.
Coordinating transfer

We encourage you to talk to your doctor about options for preparing for either a fresh or frozen embryo transfer during the matching phase.

  • We will help your gestational carrier locate a local monitoring clinic and help you set up a billing account.
  • We will facilitate scheduling embryo transfer to your gestational carrier and help her with any travel arrangements necessary.
  • Your gestational carrier will start medications in preparation for transfer.
  • Your gestational carrier will travel to your clinic a couple of days before the planned transfer.
  • After transfer, she may stay a couple of days depending on the recommendations of your doctor.
  • Your gestational carrier will complete her pregnancy test and early pregnancy monitoring at her local monitoring clinic.
  • When your gestational carrier is about 8-9 weeks pregnant, she will start seeing her regular obstetrician.
Support through the pregnancy

Pearl Surrogacy will continue to provide ongoing support, guidance and whatever else you and your gestational carrier may need throughout the pregnancy. We will stay in close contact with the escrow agent to ensure that disbursements are being properly managed in accordance with the contract. We will check in with you and your gestational carrier regularly to make sure things are progressing well and offer any support or assistance as needed. We will also follow up with the attorneys as the pregnancy progresses to confirm that the necessary paperwork for a pre-birth order is obtained. As your baby’s due date nears, we will contact the hospital to let them know of the impending surrogate birth and request a private room for you to stay in with your baby.

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