Being a Surrogate

The Surrogacy Experience

Once everyone’s screenings are complete and the surrogacy contract is signed, you are ready to plan an embryo transfer. Exactly what happens next depends on the fertility clinic and whether there are already frozen embryos ready for transfer, but here is a general overview.

Getting ready for your embryo transfer cycle.

You may have to complete a “mock” or “prep” cycle before your embryo transfer. You will take medications and be monitored just like you will during the actual cycle, to ensure that your uterus responds well to the medications. Once your uterus looks ready for the actual transfer, the mock cycle will end and your actual cycle will be set up.

Planning your embryo transfer cycle.

If your intended parents already have frozen embryos, your transfer cycle can be set up whenever it is convenient for everyone’s schedules. Pearl Surrogacy will assist in facilitating this process so it goes as smoothly as possible. If embryos need to be created, your transfer may be coordinated with the egg retrieval for a fresh transfer. Or, it may take a month or two to create frozen embryos ready for transfer. Every arrangement is unique, and this is just an overview of some common scenarios. No matter the circumstances, we are here to support you and help create a plan that works for everyone involved.

You’re ready for embryo transfer!

Once you start your transfer cycle, you will take medications and be monitored locally until you are close to being ready for transfer. At that time, you will travel to the intended parents’ fertility clinic for the actual transfer. We will help coordinate your travel arrangements. The doctor will let you know when you can travel home.

You’re pregnant!

You will return to your local monitoring clinic for a pregnancy test, followed by monitoring of your early pregnancy. Generally, you are discharged to your obstetrician’s care when you are about eight weeks pregnant. Your surrogacy contract will outline any specific restrictions during pregnancy. Since every surrogacy contract is unique, we encourage you to address any questions or concerns about pregnancy restrictions with your lawyer during the negotiation of your surrogacy contract.

Being a surrogate.

So what’s it like to be a surrogate? Every surrogate pregnancy experience is unique, but most surrogates report joy in sharing their pregnancy with the intended parents. Additionally, they express happiness and fulfillment in helping their intended parents’ dream become a reality.

Why do women decide to become surrogates? Every surrogate has her own answer to this question and they are extremely varied! For some, it’s because they know someone affected by infertility. For others, it’s because they feel strongly about helping a same-sex couple build a family. But one reason we hear over and over again is a strong desire to help intended parents drop the “intended” and become actual parents.

Whether you are just considering becoming a surrogate or you and your family have already decided to start a surrogacy journey, Pearl Surrogacy is here to be your advocate, resource and guide through the process.

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