Becoming a Surrogate

As a surrogate, you give the most extraordinary gift. When you help someone else build a family, you become an integral part of realizing a dream that is otherwise beyond their reach. We hope it will be one of the most fulfilling adventures of your life.


Taking the next steps.

Pearl Surrogacy’s review process for potential surrogates is comprehensive. Beyond the medical eligibility review, we want to know about your hopes and expectations for a rewarding surrogacy experience. That information is critical to our mutual matching process, and for finding intended parents that share your vision. The first step in our review process is submitting an initial inquiry. We will contact you within 24 hours regarding the next steps.

Tell us about you

First things first.

Are you eligible to be a surrogate?

In order to be the best advocate possible for you, our eligibility review process is meticulous and extensive. Below are some basic, initial considerations:

  • In general, surrogates are between 21 and 42 years old.
  • Surrogates need to have had at least one prior full-term delivery, with little or no complications.
  • Surrogates must be non-smokers.


Finding the perfect match.

About Pearl Surrogacy’s Mutual Matching Process.

Our top priority is finding a great fit between you and your intended parents—a mutual match. We do this by gathering and reviewing extensive information from you and the intended parents to see how you envision the surrogacy experience and relationship. We use this information to propose a mutual match, and we only proceed when you pick each other for your surrogacy journey.


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