Mutual Matching Process

With Pearl Surrogacy’s mutual matching process, we like to think of you and the intended parents as picking each other.

How do you know which intended parents might be a good fit for me?

All surrogates and intended parents working with Pearl Surrogacy have detailed profiles. We review these profiles carefully and propose mutual matches based on our experience talking with you and the intended parents. We are focused on finding the best fit possible, and we do this by matching you with intended parents who have similar goals and expectations.

How does the profile review process work?

Intended parents only review one surrogate’s profile at a time, and surrogates only review one intended parents’ profile at a time. If both parties like the other’s profile and want to proceed to the next step, Pearl Surrogacy will coordinate and facilitate a phone call for everyone to meet each other. You would never be required to proceed with intended parents unless you are completely comfortable with them.

We’re matched! Now what?

If you and the intended parents agree that you want to move forward, then you are officially matched! Pearl Surrogacy will coordinate with the intended parents’ fertility clinic concerning the next steps for final medical and psychological clearance. Every clinic is different, but in general, you and your partner (if you have one) will travel to the clinic for final medical and psychological screening and approval. The intended parents will pay your expenses, and we will help you plan your travel.

Preparing the contract.

After you are matched, the process of preparing the surrogacy contract will begin. The intended parents’ lawyer will prepare the initial draft of the surrogacy contract. Pearl Surrogacy will help you find a local lawyer to review the contract and negotiate on your behalf. The intended parents will pay your lawyer’s fees.

Once all final screenings are complete and the surrogacy contract is signed, you are ready for embryo transfer!

Being a Surrogate

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