Traveling as a Surrogate

Women considering surrogacy often have concerns about how much travel is required.  It makes sense- you have little kids!  Here are some common questions and answers about traveling.

If my intended parents are international, will I have to travel to their home county?  More than likely, no.  Compensated surrogacy is not permitted in most countries.  Your intended parents are probably seeking the benefits of United States law and the law of your home state for the surrogate pregnancy.  They will travel to their clinic in the U.S. for treatment and then to you for the birth of the baby.  If you are working with international intended parents, there is no extra travel involved for you, beyond travel to their clinic just like for intended parents living here.

Will I deliver where I live or where the intended parents live?  Almost certainly where you live. Surrogacy laws vary by state.  At Pearl Surrogacy, we consider your state’s laws and policies in the matching process so that the intended parents will be the baby’s legal parents at birth.  We will always be planning for a delivery in your home state.  If you frequently cross state borders, please let us know so we can address this in the surrogacy contract and make a plan for you to deliver in your home state.

Can I plan to deliver in a different state from where I live?  Probably not.  The surrogacy laws of your home state will apply. Your home state is determined by things like your home address, the state issuing your license and where you are registered to vote.  Since the surrogacy laws of your home state will apply, we cannot plan on you delivering in a different state.  There are some states that will not enforce surrogacy contracts and Pearl Surrogacy cannot work with surrogates who live in those states.

How often will I have to travel to my intended parents’ clinic?  Generally, at least twice.  Your first visit to your intended parents’ clinic will be after you are officially matched.  You will meet the intended parents’ doctor, the doctor will likely perform an ultrasound and a uterine cavity evaluation and blood work may be completed on you and your partner (if you have one).  Psychological evaluations will probably be completed as well.  This visit is typically 2-3 days.  The next visit will be once you are ready for embryo transfer.  Pearl Surrogacy will help you find a local clinic for monitoring during the earlier part of the cycle when your uterus is being prepared for transfer.  A day or two before you are ready for transfer, you will travel to the intended parents’ clinic.  Their doctor will let us know how long after the transfer you can return home.  This visit will probably last 3-4 days.  Hopefully, then you will be pregnant!  If you are not, you will travel to the intended parents’ clinic for each embryo transfer.

Who pays for my travel expenses?  The intended parents will pay for travel expenses for you and your partner (if you have one).  This includes: flights, hotel, train, transportation and generally a meal allowance.  Your surrogacy contract will address any other payments associated with travel.

How do I know when to make my travel arrangements and where to stay?  Don’t worry about it – Pearl Surrogacy will help get everything coordinated for you!  We will be in communication with you, the clinic and your intended parents and we will help make a schedule that works for everyone.

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